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If you have a tooth that is damaged or weakened by decay/cavity, you may benefit from the convenience of same-day crowns we can get it done in one visit! Our team at Sierra Gate Family Dental in Roseville, CA is utilizing advanced dental technology and instruments. We are professionally trained to give you a beautiful, long-lasting restoration in just a single visit versus the multiple visits required with traditional dental crowns. We love our CEREC same-day crowns!


Crowns are dental prosthetics that are cemented on top of an existing tooth or a dental implant to restore the smile. They are an extremely common restoration and can help save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. The traditional process for dental crowns requires taking impressions of the tooth and sending that off to a dental lab for the creation of the restoration. This can often take several weeks, requiring the patient to wear a temporary crown in the interim. With same-day crowns or single-visit crowns from your dentist in Roseville, CA, you can skip the multiple visits and have your crown in just a single appointment.

With a CEREC dental crown, you save time driving between appointments and avoid the frustration of dealing with a temporary crown—all without sacrificing quality and durability. CEREC crowns:

  • Don’t require conventional dental molds that can be uncomfortable, taste bad, or trigger a gag reflex.
  • Fit better than traditional crowns due to precise digital imaging and milling.
  • Often require less refitting than traditional crowns because of their precise fit.
  • Can last just as long as conventional crowns if you take good care of your teeth, which includes brushing after every meal, flossing twice per day, and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups.
  • Are simply more convenient, saving you the time and hassle of multiple appointments in your busy schedule.

CEREC crowns can be used instead of conventional crowns in nearly all cases; front teeth or back teeth. Many dentists have eliminated the use of other types of crowns. Even if you clench and grind, there are new zirconium-based materials that can protect your teeth from grinding and bruxism, which can be done on the same day! Read more about CEREC same-day crowns in Antonio’s Smile Story.

Same-day crowns involve the use of CEREC technology (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics). Using CAD/CAM technology, your dentist can use a digital scan to collect precise imaging of the mouth. These digital scans are then used to mill your final restoration in the office while you wait. CEREC scanner technology also is utilized to digitize your teeth into computer models to design your treatment plan and manufacture SureSmile® clear aligners.

After your CEREC crown is placed, you need to keep a good home dental hygiene regimen. You should also schedule annual dental examinations and bi-annual cleanings at Sierra Gate Family Dental in Roseville, CA. At every appointment, Dr. Keshtkar will check your CEREC crown and perform any necessary repairs or alterations to help maintain your new smile healthy for as long as possible. If cared for properly, CEREC crowns can last for several years.

Great group of professionals love Dr. A, always friendly helpful and compassionate. The office staff are so welcoming , they take multiple insurances , always there to find solutions for appointments and your dental care. Wonderful dentist and awesome experience all the way around.

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This dental office has amazing staff that are super friendly and go above and beyond to get you in quickly. They make you feel comfortable and provide great service. I would recommend this office to my friends and family.

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Went to the dentist today for a cleaning. They were very thorough and educational on my periodontal health and made me feel very Comfortable during my cleaning. One of the best dentists I’ve seen! And his team is all so nice from the moment I walked in, to the Education I got during my appointment and on my way out! Definitely found my dental home. Thank you to the team at Sierra Gate Family Dental

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Dr Ardalan (Ardy) Keshtkar & his entire Staff are Wonderful! I have been going to this dental office for over 35 years. Everyone from the receptionist to Insurance mgmt & to all hygienists there, provide professional dental Care! Dr Ardy provides patient-centered, quality oral healthcare in a safe, comfortable and caring environment. I HIGHLY recommend this office for All your dental needs! Dr Keshtkar is the BEST!

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Terrific in every way. I cannot say enough about the care and competency of the entire staff.

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Experience the Difference between CEREC Same Day Crowns from Sierra Gate Family Dental in Roseville, CA

At Sierra Gate Family Dental, we believe in providing our patients with high-quality dental services using the latest in dental technology. Our goal is to always restore health and beauty to your smile in a convenient manner. If you would like to learn more about same-day crowns or other restorative services that are offered in our office, please call us.

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Why are CEREC same-day crowns a better option than traditional dental crowns?

The traditional method of fitting dental crowns typically requires the patient to come in for two appointments a few weeks apart and does not install the permanent crown on the first visit. With the innovative CEREC system, that timeline is reduced to just one visit with the permanent crown installed then and there.

Can a dental crown fall off?

A dental crown can fall off if it becomes loose or the cement holding it in place deteriorates. If this happens, it is crucial to contact Sierra Gate Family Dental as soon as possible to have the crown re-cemented. However, the precise CEREC process decreases the likelihood of a crown becoming dislodged.

Will a dental crown look like my natural tooth?

Yes. During the CEREC same-day crown process, Dr. Keshtkar or a team member will choose a shade that closely matches the color of your other teeth, and the crown is fabricated and shaped to match the size of the surrounding teeth. The goal is to make the crown look as natural as possible so it is not noticeable when you smile or speak.

Are CEREC same-day crowns suitable for all teeth?

Absolutely! CEREC same-day crowns can be used for both front and back teeth. Even if you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, there are advanced materials like zirconium that can effectively protect your teeth from these forces, all done in a single day.

Are there any special maintenance requirements for CEREC same-day crowns?

Caring for your CEREC same-day crown is straightforward. While they don't require any extraordinary maintenance, it's important to follow these guidelines:

  • Regular Oral Hygiene: Continue your regular oral hygiene routine, including brushing after meals and flossing daily. This helps keep your natural teeth and CEREC crown in excellent condition.
  • Dental Check-ups: Schedule annual dental examinations and biannual cleanings. During these visits, Dr. Keshtkar will assess your CEREC crown's condition and make any necessary adjustments to ensure its longevity.
  • Avoid Excessive Force: Try to avoid habits like biting on hard objects or using your teeth as tools, as these actions can potentially damage your crown.
How long can I expect my CEREC crown to last?

With proper care, CEREC crowns can last for several years. The key is to maintain an excellent home dental hygiene routine and schedule regular check-ups at Sierra Gate Family Dental. During these appointments, Dr. Keshtkar will ensure your CEREC crown remains in top shape, providing you with a lasting, beautiful smile.

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